Trust. Worthy.

The companies you entrust with your projects have to be secure, reliable, and have a solid track record of safety and performance. In a word, trustworthy.

Davis Rebar demonstrates solid performance, impeccable safety, and superior financial standing. We're ready to meet and exceed your standards. More importantly, when you add Davis to your team, you get an added benefit-sleeping very well at night.

Safe. Secure.

On the safety side of the equation, Davis Rebar has earned one of the most enviable E-Mods in the industry-Proof positive that we take safety very seriously.

Davis Rebar isn't the new kid on the block.

Davis Rebar's parent company has served the industry for over a quarter century with up to 500 skilled employees. With that kind of experience and staying-power, we've seen most everything there is to see in this business. Take a moment to read the history page.

Experience. Expertise.

The lessons we've learned are translated directly to what you can expect in the future. There are plenty of companies that boast about their experience. But experience without expertise doesn't mean a thing.

We're proud to show you our track record that proves that Davis Rebar has both.

Experience wide. Assets deep.

With parent company revenues of over $50 million, and over $23 million in mobile equipment assets, you know that Davis Rebar is equipped to step into any project. You'll never have to worry about whether we're going to be around tomorrow or if we have the equipment and resources available to handle your next project.


From the first conversation to the completion of the project, Davis Rebar delivers rock-solid accountability.

Our team of engineers, estimators, project managers, and field staff is linked with one of the most powerful, sophisticated costing and management systems available anywhere. Every minute worked, every material cost, and every variance (plus or minus) is tracked, checked and double-checked to assure timely project management, accurate accounting and accountability.

When the project is complete, we won't hand you a shoebox filled with papers or stacks of question marks. Davis Rebar delivers complete, accurate, verifiable reports that you can count on to manage the commercial side of your business.

Trust. Verified.

When all is said and done, it comes down to a matter of trust. We earn it every day.

You'll know it the first time you choose Davis.
You'll remember it every time you choose Davis.

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